• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Truth About Dragons

    Meet the Dragon Warriors, the brave heroes who will dedicate their lives to keeping you safe. There’s just one thing they’re not telling you … In the heart of the forest, the reclusive Dragon Warriors reside in their dark, dilapidated castle, operating outside royal instruction and protecting the realm from dragons, monsters and other unpleasantries. Ramon Subramani, the queen’s charming Chief of Swords, enjoys a comfortable life behind the palace walls. When Her Majesty sends him to snoop on the Dragon Warriors, he’s willing to put up with hostility and mediocre meals in order to impress the queen. But Ramon soon suspects the Warriors are hiding something, and they do not give up their secrets easily. To find the answers he’s looking for, Ramon will have to confront uncomfortable truths from his past … and risk revealing some secrets of his own. THE TRUTH ABOUT DRAGONS is the first book in the Dragon Warriors series.