• Romance

    A Gentleman in Disguise: A Historical Regency Romance Book

    Lydia Seabrook comes from a long line of women known for their literary talent. Aspiring to follow the path her writing passion indicates, she is shocked to find herself about to become a duchess instead. Marrying the Duke of Moreland is the last thing Lydia would want, so she will do whatever it takes to become an author. With this in mind, she persuades her father to allow her one year to prove her potential and have her work published. How could she ever do it all by herself though? If only someone could help her prove her worth to the world… Perhaps that someone could be Darius Frost, the man Lydia’s father hires as her tutor, if it wasn’t for his immense repulsion for nobility. Having to care for his brother’s family though did not leave him with any other choice but to compromise. However, once he starts tutoring Miss Seabrook, a spark of doubt for his previous prejudice lights up in his heart, warming it up for what’s about to come. Could it be that he found the first noblewoman to be truly honourable? And most importantly, has he met the only woman who could prove him wrong and his heart right? If only their growing love could have prepared them for the new threat that lay ahead. The Duke of Moreland realises that the dowry from his marriage to Lydia is at risk and will stop at nothing to restore his wealth. Even if that means using blackmail to destroy this blossoming romance. Are Darius and Lydia able to rise above society’s expectations and follow their hearts? Or are they destined to be torn apart forever by the wicked Duke? “A Gentleman in Disguise” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Read more