• Romance

    Loving a Forsaken Earl: a Historical Regency Romance Book

    Miss Abigail Staton leaves a quiet country life behind and travels to London to live with her brother after their father’s tragic death. As an inexperienced politician, her brother has struggled in running for a seat in the Commons. Abigail, however, is exceptionally astute and has a particular knack for politics. When a stranger shows up on their doorstep asking for assistance with an unusual scheme of revenge, Abigail’s life is turned upside down. Despite her misgivings, she is unable to resist the opportunity to work with this handsome stranger and possibly save her brother’s career and livelihood. With powerful feelings overwhelming her, will she manage to navigate this precarious situation without ending up with a broken heart? With a wedding to his childhood sweetheart just a few weeks away, Lord Thomas Brampton feels he has found love and is on his way to having the family he has always dreamed of. When his fiancée suddenly leaves him for another man, Thomas’ world falls apart and he decides to make this man pay. Setting out to accomplish his plan, he finds himself working alongside a hopeful politician and a captivating young woman who surprises him every step of the way. Will Thomas choose to stay focused on his goal or will his heart unwittingly open up to entirely new, wonderful possibilities? As Abigail and Thomas are thrown together by fate, she starts to see what a caring and kind man he really is, and he can’t help but be drawn to this extraordinary young woman. Feeling they are in an impossible situation, neither of them dares to hope for a chance at something unimaginable… With all their plans gradually taking shape, will this risky plot succeed, or will it turn out to be the ruin of them all? Will Thomas and Abigail ever allow themselves to see each other in a new light and go after what their hearts truly want? “Loving a Forsaken Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Read more