• Romance

    The Reluctant Spy: a Dark Mafia Romance

    Maura MacLaren – mousey, dowdy, and very, very good with technology – is a perfect Corporation employee. Brilliant at her job, smart enough to know to keep her head down, and in debt to the criminal enterprise that gave her a chance when her past left her with nowhere to turn. But this puts her under the watchful eye of the Corporation’s diabolical, gorgeous, and utterly unforgiving Second in Command, James Pine. Pine has been sent by the head office in London to be sure nothing will go wrong with the Corporation’s largest deal to date. The last thing a man in his dangerous position needs are feelings, or surprises. Especially feelings for a nerdy underling who is turning out to be full of surprises, including a sensually submissive nature that Pine finds too compelling to resist. But Pine is as cold-hearted as he is handsome and he never denies himself what he wants. But when Maura’s darkest secret puts her life and Pine’s deal in danger, they both find themselves shocked at the sensual depths he will drag her to for revenge. And the lengths he will go to in order to save her life. Read more
  • Horror

    The Birdcage – Captive Blood 2: a Dark Vampire Romance

    Black Heart keeps me in the Birdcage, high above the blasted remains of the earth after the Night Brethren plunged us into darkness. At the gate of his mansion, the Shadows wait to tear screaming humans into pieces of blood and bone. In the Birdcage, the vampire who keeps me is growing impatient. What does he want? My blood? My soul? I don’t have long to decide whether to take my chances with the Shadows or find out what Black Heart intends to do. To make it worse? He’s not the only monster who wants me.The Birdcage is a dark romance meant for 18+ readers only. Read more