• Paranormal

    Vixen’s Chosen (The Fox and the Assassin Book 1)

    Content Warning: Moderate violence and occasional strong language What can you do when the man of your dreams is a cold-blooded killer? Kylin’s lost everything. Her village is destroyed, her friends are dead, and her little brother is kidnapped. Kylin would have been kidnapped too, if not for the timely intervention of sibling assassins, Wilhelm and Vala. Though she hardly approves of their sinful occupation, Kylin owes them her life. Kylin is a kitsune, blessed with supernatural powers. She can shapeshift, heal, and control the weather. Like all kitsunes, Kylin has been waiting to feel “the resonance,” a sensation that will tell her she’s found her fated partner. Unfortunately, her soulmate might be an assassin… Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    School For Spirits: A Dead Girl and a Samurai (Spirit School Book 1)

    Leigh Riley is three weeks away from her high school graduation when she’s suddenly crushed by a truck. She may be dead, but her education is far from over. Seventeen-year-old Leigh is inducted into the School for Spirits, where she learns how to be a spirit guide for mortals. Leigh meets Alyx, her rebel roommate who just doesn’t care about the spirit guide stuff. Then Leigh develops a massive crush on an absurdly hot Archangel named Jophiel. Finally, she is assigned to a veteran instructor, Taishi Nakamura. The handsome samurai is quiet, strict and private, but Leigh is determined to crack his shell. School For Spirits is a young adult paranormal romance. Due to some minor language, it is recommended for ages 13+.
  • Horror

    The Darkest Knight (The Black Knight Chronicles Book 1)

    The Fellestan army, led by the enigmatic Black Knight, mows down every village in its path. One such village is Silverton, where Kelizabeth “Kizzy” Sundir spends her days as a barmaid, serving drinks and scrubbing counters. When she isn’t a barmaid, Kelizabeth is the caregiver of her blind, disabled mother. News of the Fellestan invasion has her village in an uproar, and when Kelizabeth volunteers to join the militia, her bravery is met with chuckles. However, she is approached by a man named Eion McKenna, who offers lessons in archery and swordplay. Eion is clever, crass, and determined to turn the barmaid into a warrior. Kelizabeth’s new instructor is a man with secrets, and when they are revealed, her life will change forever. Due to scenes of violence and torture, The Darkest Knight is intended for mature audiences.