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    The Key to Her Heart’s Lock: A Historical Western Romance Book

    The last enigmatic words of her belated father have left Sierra Fisher completely puzzled. While the family’s ranch is falling apart she has too many loose threads to deal with all at once. The moment she feels like drowning, an ally will come to her rescue. Sierra has no idea what role Thomas will play in her life as of now. Would she be willing to sacrifice her own happiness and freedom in order to rescue her family’s ranch? Will she manage to decipher her father’s riddle and find the long-awaited answer? Thomas Roger has been an apprentice ranch hand at the Fisher’s ranch since he was a boy. His dire financial situation had made him leave a while ago, but he now returns with an ace up his sleeve. Going back to the ranch and being around Sierra, his hidden feelings will resurface. Will he be brave enough to accept them and stand up for her through this difficult period? Will he decipher the secret messages and get to the bottom of his own mystery? Sierra and Thomas will come closer following clues of a treasure hunt. Treacherous people, however, keep surrounding them, making their life even more challenging. While the discovery of the treasure gets more and more complicated, will they listen to their hearts and find their way to happiness? Are they too focused on the target to think clearly? With people in town ready to pounce on the vulnerable state of the farm, will they stay strong and ride out the difficulties? “The Key to Her Heart’s Lock” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after. Read more