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    Lessons from Pollyanna: Using her Glad Game to grow spiritually and have more joy in your life! (Lessons from. Book 1)

    We all need more joy and faith in our lives! A beloved classic of children’s literature, Pollyanna, the best-selling 1913 story by Eleanor H. Porter, shows how orphaned child Pollyanna Whittier transforms an entire town for the better with her “glad game” — optimism, faith, and determination to look for the good in everything. Yet the story is also so much more than that! If all you know of Pollyanna is the Disney film version or reading the book as a child, you may find reading it as an adult surprising. Pollyanna has so much to teach us about living a meaningful Christ-like life, growing spiritually, and experiencing deeper joy, the joy God created us to hold fast to and cherish. Includes the full text of the original story, introduced by bestselling author Autumn Jane Macarthur, plus:– discussion questions for book groups– suggestions for playing Pollyanna’s “Glad Game”– a detailed Bible-based devotional for each chapter to dig deeper into the heart of the story– personal journaling suggestions– Bible verses focused on joy Step into the joyful life God created you to live! A separate accompanying print journal is also available. Read more