• Young Adult

    The Fated Howl : A Prequel to the Wolves of Little Creek Series (A Paranormal Shifter Romance Story)

    My name is Millie, and I’ve always lived by strict rules. Never stay out late. Never go past the city line. Never excel at sports. Never let anyone in on our secret. You see, I’m not an ordinary girl. I’m also a wolf. I live in Little Creek with my mom and dad. I go to school, and at night I run through the forest, but I never howl. I’m told it’s too dangerous. But what’s the point of having these gifts if I can’t do any good with them? Then one day, I sensed something. Another wolf. I feel drawn to Will instantly. What girl wouldn’t be? He’s tall, insanely hot with broad shoulders and soulful hazel brown eyes. Unlike my parents, Will isn’t afraid to tell me the truth. He teaches me about my culture and my history, and he shows me that there’s far more to this world than I ever believed. My parents aren’t going to be happy, but they’ve been holding me back. It’s time for me to howl with freedom. Read more