• Young Adult

    Portrait of My Best Friend

    First Love, Coming out, and Falling for the Wrong Girl. It’s times like these when a girl really needs her best friend.Charlotte already knows what her perfect girlfriend would look like; she has boxes filled with drawings of her dream girl hidden in her closet. She’s aware of the irony, she just isn’t ready to tell her mother she’s gay. Then one morning a beautiful redhead sits down next to her in English class and hiding in the closet gets a whole lot tougher. Lilly has the same striking blue eyes, the same heart-stopping smile, and the same tantalizingly long legs as the girl in Charlotte’s drawings. She doesn’t just resemble the girl in Charlotte’s graphic novel, she looks exactly like her!Lilly Roberts sure looks like Charlotte’s dream-girl come to life. But looks can be deceiving, and the new girl isn’t perfect. Nope! Not even close.But maybe, just maybe, the girl of Charlotte’s dreams has been right there beside her all along. “Heartfelt and so funny! I thought I had outgrown YA books, but this one brought me right back.” “Being a teenager is not easy! Funny, raw, and sometimes painful. I loved all the stuff going on in Charlotte’s head.” “What an amazing story with such an original concept! The dialogue shines, especially between mother and daughter…a perfect story about imperfect characters. So very good!!!” “I loved this book! A well written story about two teenagers journey to accept their sexuality.” “A great coming of age dramedy about coping, coming out, and finding that one person that makes it all worthwhile.” “One of the best reads I’ve had in a long time! Profound, real, and raw to the core.” “This book didn’t go where I thought it would, but damn it was a good story.” “Enduring and different. The struggles this author captured are spot on.” Read more