Noah Drake And The Dragon Killer: A Christian Fiction Adventure That Teaches Biblical Creation

    Adventures in Odyssey meets Jurassic Park This book is AMAZING. It keeps you in suspense… all the while teaching children about how great God is. ★★★★★My son enjoyed it. He was giggling and laughing… very interesting and looking forward to book 2 ★★★★★Wonderful with just the right amount of action. It explains God’s creation in easy to understand terms ★★★★★ What if you discovered a real, living dinosaur?Noah Drake dreamed of the day he could dig up dinosaur bones and strike it rich, until he discovered a living dinosaur. But his dreams of fame and fortune stir up trouble when he meets a couple of dinosaur hunters. Will Noah get the desires of his heart or will he save a dinosaur from extinction? Biblical Creation, the love of God and the love of familyIf you like Jonathan Park, Ken Ham or Kent Hovind, you’ll love Noah Drake! Read more