• Children's

    Mermaids Are Real: the Mystiq Prong

    Your next step in life requires a leap of faith… Would you take the plunge? Benji Fisher spent the first twelve years of his life growing up in a small fishing town, Topside. He’s gotten used to the gang of dolphins who follow him on his surfboard and the voices he hears underwater; odd things that have, in their repetition, become part of normal everyday life. However, none of that prepares him for the recruitment speech he gets from an octopus named Octavius and three of the dolphins the night before his thirteenth birthday. Mermaids Are Real: The Mystiq Prong is the first novel in the Mermaids Are Real saga. If talking fish, mischievous dolphins, and a merman with world domination on his mind gets you excited, then you’ll love a book that brings these all together in a witty, faced-paced, undersea adventure. Buy this book, and see the ocean and its creatures from a completely different perspective. Read more