• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Blood Magic: A Low Milieu Fantasy (Realm Wardens Series Book 1)

    Can an ex-warrior, lost soul, and thief stop magic from falling into the wrong hands? Dufin an ex-warrior dwarf now a mine working botanist, finds peace and purpose in his gardens with his flowers. But he is pulled away from his serenity by his king. An important package must be taken to the High Kingdom. A mission he shouldn’t do on his own. Enya, a human raised by dwarfs struggles with fitting in. Loved by the dwarf mother who raised her, but despised by the dwarf she longed to call father. Jardeth, a thief too sophisticated for the brothel he was found in. A roamer, traveller happy to go where possible treasures may lie. His true intentions carefully concealed from those closest to him. What does the package they carry contain? Will it throw the world into chaos or is it a peaceful gesture between two kingdoms? Blood Magic is the first book in the Realm Wardens Fantasy Series. Join the adventure to find out if Dufin can find peace after the war, Enya finds a family to love her, and if Jardeth can give up his thieving ways. Read more