• Horror

    Blue Curse (Blue Wolf Book 1)

    * FIRST-IN-SERIES DEAL * Cursed on assignment, a special ops soldier finds himself transforming into a creature of local legend. Seven feet tall, 400 pounds, and packed with lupine assets, Jason is now the dreaded Blue Wolf — a role he never asked for in a land far from home. The price for a cure? Eliminating the region’s most notorious warlord, the White Dragon. From the icy peaks of Central Asia to the urban canyons of Manhattan, and with the help of a bookish wizard named Prof Croft, Jason will push his newfound powers to their limits. Because with the curse eating into his mind, he’s running out of time… Succeed and he returns home to his fiancée and a future. Fail and he dies a bloodthirsty beast. Blue Wolf is a feature series in the quarter-million selling Croftverse. If you like brawn, brains, and big weapons to go with an even bigger heart, you’ll love the Blue Wolf! BOOKS IN THE CROFTVERSE Complete Blue Wolf SeriesBook 1: Blue CurseBook 2: Blue ShadowBook 3: Blue HowlBook 4: Blue VenomBook 5: Blue BloodBook 6: Blue Storm Prof Croft SeriesPreq 1: Book of SoulsPreq 2: Siren CallBook 1: Demon MoonBook 2: Blood DealBook 3: Purge CityBook 4: Death MageBook 5: Black LuckBook 6: Power GameBook 7: Druid BondBook 8: Night RuneBook 9: Shadow DuelBook 10: Shadow DeepBook 11: Godly WarsBook 12: Angel Doom Spin OffsCroft & TabbyCroft & Wesson Read more