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    Untaken: 12 Hours Following the Rapture

    What would you do? Your husband is missing; you don’t want to be pregnant; you witness a horrific airplane accident, and you learn all babies and young children have disappeared. Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Colton may think she is in control, but she’s far from the truth, not realizing the Rapture has occurred. Enter the writer’s mind as she deals with this imminent, amazing event.  * Updated 2022 version of Untakenable published in 2017. “Untaken creatively drives the reader to imagine how the rapture could affect the world and individual people in ways not often considered. A gripping and thought-provoking read!” — Matt Costella, Grace Bible Church, Fresno, CA “An irresistible story that true believers will thoroughly enjoy, and that unbelievers should read before it’s too late.” — Kitty Foth-Regner, author of Heaven Without Her and The Song of Sadie Sparrow “UNTAKEN is a thought-provoking and life-changing story that you won’t soon forget!” — Connie Saunders, blogger of connie-oldersmarter on BlogSpot Read more