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    Daredevil Dancer: a Jet Lag Love Story

    A page-turner with plenty of comedy and plot twists! What would you be willing to sacrifice for happiness? For love? Elia gets more than expected on a trip overseas when she meets the daredevil dancer Misha. He’s revered for helping young and old, and respected for his skills onstage.Elia should run from her crush on this exotic gentleman, but the magnet pulling her heart to his can’t be ignored.Newfound passion courses through Elia, but she questions what she’d give up. Life in Canada? Family, friends? The ambivalent boyfriend who awaits her return?Penniless, Misha’s future rides on his dance talent. He must prove himself on the world stage to provide hope for his widowed mom and impoverished neighbors.His mentors insist he concentrate on winning. They tell him women are off-limits.A tough order for a hot ticket.As desire pulls them together, colossal obstacles separate Elia and Misha.A clash of cultures, language, lifestyle. Threatening rivals, in both love and dance.When Elia returns to Canada, stunning events test her love of two different men.Risky relationships.Cunning foes.Pure passion.Who and what will win?Find out in Daredevil Dancer, a clean, contemporary romance. This is a standalone novel, the first in the Jet Lag Love series.