• Paranormal

    Six (A Demon Hunter Romance Book 1)

    Fate sucks. Even demon hunters deserve a little normal. With her plucky team at her side, Quinn Fischer is ready to take on anything fate may throw at her. Until one recon mission doesn’t go so hot… Ryan Hunt is a burned-out demon hunter with a violent past, assigned to a top-secret Coast Guard crew to protect the waters around Alaska. When Quinn splashes into the Arctic off Ryan’s bow, he knows exactly what she is, and why he shouldn’t trust her. Quinn doesn’t have a clue who she is, but she knows the chemistry with Ryan is off the charts. Who gets amnesia anyway? Such a cliché. Fate, destiny, coincidence… whatever nonsense brought them together just might tear them apart. Start reading today; this paranormal romance series will leave you deliciously satisfied… and eager for more.