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    How to Leash a Thief: a Humorous, Small-town Mystery With a Chick-lit Twist & a Smidgen of Romance

    Life in Pleasant Hills, Texas, flows like sweet molasses. Normally.But nothing is pleasant or normal about murder. On a hot summer night, southern and sassy Steely Lamarr discovers someone murdered the janitor at her newly acquired dog-grooming shop. Unfortunately, the rest of the community considers the deceased riffraff and a stain on society. But for Steely, the mysterious death of the coworker hits the heart. Steely vows to track down the killer with the help of her motley crew, a cheeky Chihuahua and her best friend Daniel. Except her dogged determination puts her in the doghouse. Especially with the gorgeous, new police officer in town. When a bank heist turns Pleasant Hills upside down, Steely suspects the two crimes are related, and she sets out to prove it. As Steely chases clues across town, she winds up a suspect, on the murderer’s radar, and her boyfriend kicks her to the curb. She soon realizes, sometimes, the culprit is the one you’d never suspect who’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Can Steely catch the larcenous killer before she becomes the next victim? ♥Publisher’s note: This is the 2nd edition of How to Leash a Thief. Many readers of the 1st edition stated it read like a “cozy” mystery. Although it does contain many cozy mystery elements, we at Pigasus Publications do not want to mislead readers. Our readers’ happiness is top priority. How to Leash a Thief does not contain explicit sex or excessive violence. Some cozy mystery fans might enjoy the story. But we want to inform readers, the book does contain minimal use of curse words and sexual innuendos. Thank you for your interest!