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    The Sweet Taste of Murder: An Angel Lake Mystery (Walking Calamity Cozy Mystery Book 1)

    What could possibly be worse than a string of calls from a telemarketer? Elise Pepper is about to find out. Her return to her southern hometown after a scandalous divorce is stressful enough, but when she trips over the body of the town playboy, her stress meter hits an all-time high. Between bizarre phone calls and more, the victim has left behind a heap of trouble that includes missing money, missing pets, and mourning lovers. Add in a growing list of suspects and Elise is neck deep trouble. Stuck in the middle of her personal drama and the small town rumor mill, there‚Äôs no shortage of theories. But when she discovers her best friend, Lavina is the number one suspect, she knows what she has to do. The question is will it help or hurt? Can amateur sleuth Elise clear her friend’s name, or will her friendship blinders shield her from the truth? Find out more in the first book of this 6 book cozy murder mystery series, the Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries! Read more