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    Haveloc (Annotated): The Dane (In Dark Ages Book 1)

    Haveloc England, ca. 590 A.D.: The hulking Haveloc grows up as a foster son with fishermen in the early days of Saxon rule in England. He is humble and hard-working, and his friendly nature makes him popular with everyone – though everyone knows that you better not try to make a fool out of him.But actually there is something Haveloc doesn’t know about his true origins. And when one day a stranger takes notice of him and finally recognizes him for who he really is, old enemies know that he is still alive. And they also know that he is a threat as long as he is alive. A fight to the death begins. This is the first book in the eight-volume series „IN DARK AGES“ by Charles W. Whistler. It contains detailed notes on the text and general explanations of the Viking Age in an additional essay. It is also decorated with some atmospheric illustrations and features a map of England in Viking times. The Author In addition to his medical education, Charles W. Whistler developed an intense interest in the history of England of the period before the Norman conquest. This is reflected today in his prolific work as an author of historical novels. His passionate preoccupation with historical facts and Nordic myths has given rise to the eight volumes that are now available in the BRUNNAKR Edition from apebook as the great medieval Viking series „IN DARK AGES“. IN DARK AGES Fact and fiction combined… a most interesting account of life in Britain 1000 (and more) years ago. The stories of the „IN DARK AGES“ series by Charles Watts Whistler take place in medieval England and span a period of over 400 years. The series consists of a total of eight volumes. Haveloc The Prince of Cornwall War of the Saxon Kings Wulfric the Weapon Thane The Banned Viking of the King Against Vikings 800 Vikings The individual volumes are complete, self-contained books that can be read independently of the other volumes of the series. The overall connection of the series results from the chronological order and embedding of the events in the historical context. Whistler places great emphasis in his books on a realistic portrayal of life in the early and high Middle Ages. The archaic style of language he uses creates an atmosphere of harshness and gloom. Experience individual destinies, love, betrayal and struggle. Get an authentic and vivid impression of England in the dark times of the Middle Ages. And see how the Norsemen shook the world of that time. Eight battles to the death. Eight journeys back in time, with a look at real people in a bygone era. Eight independent Viking stories that will really captivate you. Readers comments: “The characters created by the author fit perfectly into the true events of history. Immensly entertaining.“ – Philipp L. Rivera “Absorbing story line, great use of English and lots of factual references to real places and events.” – Jelly “Great story, crisply and concisely written. As exciting as anything by Sir Walter Scott, but with no bombast. A good read.“ – Thunor “Informative, adventurous, exciting. Thorough, Colourful, Riveting. What more can I say… Buy it and get bitten by the bug… I’m serhing for more. This one reminds me of Bernard Cornwell´s Series.“ – Alan Trudgett “If like myself you are a fan of Bernard Cornwell’s „Saxon Chronicles“ following the adventures of Lord Uhtred, then any of Whistler’s books are likely to please.“ – Ronin Read more