• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Involuntary Turnover (Kat Voyzey Mysteries Book 1)

    “The last day in October began with a violation of the employee dress code and ended with a dead employee in the medical records department. I’ve always said I like my job because of the variety, but this was a bit much, even for me.” HR director Kat Voyzey has a talent for getting things done. Tamping down office drama? Soothing egotastic executives? Dodging calls from her bully of a boss? It’s all in a day’s work. But when Kat’s coworker is shot dead on Halloween night, questions fly through the hospital like a hail of bullets. Is there a killer roaming the halls of the hospital? Who will they strike next? And who on Earth would want to hurt sweet Anna Vasquez? Frustrated by a weak police response, Kat rolls up her sleeves and gets to work. Someone needs to get the bottom of this mystery, and she’ll be super careful. After all, how dangerous could a murder investigation be? Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    The Assistant: A Jessica Warne Spy Novel (Emerald City Spies Book 1)

    They hired her to be an assistant. And they trained her to be a spy. But can Jessica survive the storms ahead? High up in Seattle’s most luxurious office tower a powerful woman conceals a dangerous secret. Dana Duke, the CEO of a prestigious staffing firm, offers exquisitely trained executive assistants to the city’s business elite. Her assistants are brilliant, beautiful, young, and willing to do whatever it takes to advance the agency’s interests. In return, they’re offered pay and perks beyond their wildest dreams. When Dana offers Jessica an orientation period at the agency, it seems her troubles might finally be over. But as the demands of the job become increasingly dangerous, and as the consequences of her work turn deadly, Jessica will be thrust into a maelstrom of danger and betrayal.