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    An Admiral for Her Voyage (Monterey Brides Series Book 1)

    Born into Italian wealth didn’t safeguard Maria against the corrupt intent of known mafioso Victor Orsini, a man determined to possess the raven beauty.  Desperate times called for desperate measures. Refusing to be Orsini’s captive, Maria flees from Italy to the shores of America with her best friend Adriana, both stalked by a powerful menace. Neither imagined they’d be followed. Union Navy Admiral John Charles Fremont served with distinction during the Mexican American War. Now retired he endeavored to settle into a quiet civilian life on the large spread of land he’d purchased for ranching, that was until gold was accidently found. With notoriety and now riches he attracted shallow high-society women, the final straw being the likes of Esmeralda Cortez. Two hearts; one escaping and one hoping, but both need saving.  Will Maria grow to trust and possibly love the man behind the stern façade? Watch for Monterey Brides 2, Troubled Past meets Bright Future, soon to be released! Read other best-selling releases by Cheyanne West! The San Diego Brides Series has six clean and wholesome Mail Order Bride stories that will touch your heart.  These are tales demonstrating qualities of fortitude, strength, and valor with biblical values. Stories you’ll find in this series are: Book 1 – A Home for Elizabeth Book 2 – A Sturdy Hand for Sharron Book 3 – Welsh Beauty for a Fierce Fighter Book 4 – Irish Lass for a Wounded Warrior Book 5 – An English Bride for a Lonely Captain Book 6 – A Highlander Bride for the Dark Rider