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    Restoring Altered Destiny: Get Back on Track With God’s Purpose for Your Life and Marriage With Strategic Prayers for Destiny Restoration

    ★Do you feel like your life is moving in circles? This Book Is For You.★Do you want to discover God’s great plan for you and what you were born to accomplish on this earth? Do you want to remove roadblocks and hindrances in order to fulfill your destiny and divine purpose?Do you want to open up to a new dimension of prayer that will remove, uproot and cleanse away destructive deposits and limitations from past errors or from your generational bloodline? Do you want to work on your destiny to bring fulfillment, joy, and immeasurable peace into your life?Get this book!!! This book walks you through the different things that can happen to people’s destinies and what you can do to prevail. No one was born into this world by accident. We all have a purpose and a destiny to fulfill. Sadly, a lot of these destinies have been cut short, but it’s not too late to make a comeback. Find the areas discussed in this book that concern you and face them squarely. The prayers in this book can help you tackle issues concerning your destiny that need to be addressed, get back on track with that God has purposed for you. We are not victims! God hasn’t called us to sit back and watch life happen. Instead, He has called us to partner with the Holy Spirit in prophetic prayer Today is the day, obtain your copy. Read more