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    How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln: Leading in a Way That Drives History (The Magic of an Influencer)

    Throughout your life, you will meet and discover leaders. You’ll admire their courage, their wisdom, and their achievements. Every encounter is an opportunity to learn to emulate their actions and behaviors. Discover how the sixteenth President of the United States, from humble beginnings, became the great man generations of people admire, respect, and uphold as one of the most important leaders in history! How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln will help you thoroughly understand how Lincoln made history, came to power, led movements, and changed the world with acts both big and small. Inside this book, you’ll learn: How to be a lifelong learner Ways to stand up to others How to move past pain When and how to prioritize family Methods to outwork your opponents Strategies to help you make decisions quickly And so much more! If you want to become an efficient leader and learn from one of the greatest men in history, How to Lead Like Abraham Lincoln outlines a path to achieve your goals, and offers wonderful insights into a life well-lived. Scroll up and click “Buy Now,” and start learning about your greatness today! Read more