• Young Adult

    Watched (The Watched Series Book 1)

    The school field trip was never supposed to involve murder. And Christy was never meant to witness it. Christy Hadden is a nobody—at school, in her city, and even in her backbiting politics group. But when she stumbles across the murder of a senator’s aide, she’s suddenly a somebody—a witness, an object of attention for the guys in her group, and the object of jealousy from the girls. Worst of all, she’s the killers’ next target. They don’t intend to let her make it home alive. Even the FBI can’t keep her completely safe. Then there’s the matter of the other teens in her group, any of whom could betray her. She can never go back to being Christy Hadden the Nobody, not if she wants to survive. But she can become dangerous—someone her enemies fear. Someone who refuses to run and hide. Someone who won’t stop until she takes the killers down for good. They chose the wrong victim this time. Mission: totally possible. Survive and don’t fall in love.  If you love kick-butt teen spies, chilling suspense, and clean romance, you’ll love the WATCHED series: WatchedProtectedCreatedAdrenaline RushHotwireFatal ExchangeSecretsRedemption LostScepter All Cindy’s books in order THE WATCHED SeriesWatchedProtectedCreatedAdrenaline RushHotwireFatal ExchangeSecretsRedemption LostScepter CODE OF SILENCE SERIESKate UnmaskedKate ConcealedKate EmpoweredKate Unleashed Christy and Jeremy NovellasRoyal GuardSecrets in the SandSecrets in the Storm GRAVEDIGGERS SWEET N’ SOUR KISSES The Descension in the STRANGE AND LOVELY ANTHOLOGYWingless Read more