• Young Adult

    Hustle: a Gripping Romantic Mystery Series

    “An award-winning mystery romance that turns up the heat!” RULE#1: DON’T STEAL HIS HEART…After ripping off a dangerous mob boss, Ellie Phillips decides it’s time to quit hustling and give up her life of crime. She just needs a big score. Then she can give up the grift and start anew. When she steals a map from Jacob Hawkins that shows the location of a huge heart-shaped diamond, she decides it’s time to go treasure hunting. It’s just one last hustle before she goes straight. She thinks she’s made a clean getaway when she jets off to South America with the map, but Jacob isn’t letting it or Ellie get away so easily. With the mob hot on her trail and the bullets flying, she finally meets her match when she ends up in Jacob’s sights. THE HUNTED HEARTS won Harlequin and Wattpad’s SYTYCW competition in 2013. EXPLORE THE HUNTED HEARTS, which has captivated over 7 million readers! WHAT READERS ARE SAYING“Sparks fly as the feisty female protagonist is pitted against the hero in an action-packed, fun romantic comedy that you can’t stop reading.” ★★★★★ “A gripping mystery romance set in a dark criminal world that is brimming with betrayal, romance and intrigue.” ★★★★★ “This unforgettable story is a romantic new adult crime adventure and humorous suspense, all rolled into one delightfully thrilling read.” ★★★★★ “The heated clash between the grifter heroine and her treasure hunter hero in this dating heist, light up the action thriller with humor and characters that you can’t help falling in love with.” ★★★★★ “A captivating young adult suspense story set in an international romance series that is brimming with charismatic outlaws, teen romance and non-stop action.” ★★★★★ BOOKS IN THIS SERIES – Heist – Hustle – Hacker – Hijack *Language Edition: American English. Read more