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    Minimalism: Ultimate Guide Towards Focused Life And Live Better With Less Technology (Learn How To Simplify, Declutter, Reduce Stress, Find Happiness)

    Start the journey to owning less and being happy about it!Most of us have this idea that the more stuff, money, people and commitments that we have, the happier we will be. There is some unsaid fallacy that more is equivalent to a better, happier life. It is a clear cut yet powerful, step-by-step guide to minimalism, a sustainable lifestyle that will enable you to finally clear away all the physical, mental and spiritual clutter that fills many of our current stress filled lives. Minimalism will help you redefine what is truly meaningful in your life. When you declutter your life, you gain the space and time to breath and appreciate how complete your minimalist life can truly be when you lose all the extraneous junk! This book provides you with access to the information you need to use and the techniques that will ultimately allow you to become a minimalist and enjoy the simple life! Here is a preview of what you’ll learn: Clear out the Clutter. Simplify your life. Save money. Enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. Change your world in 7 days. If you are sick and tired of running the endless marathon of acquiring more (for whatever reason) and are looking for an alternative way of life where you can enjoy having less by ‘developing the capacity to enjoy less’, make minimalism your way of life instead. And this book will hold you by the hand from start to finish to ensure your journey to becoming a minimalist is effortless. Read more