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    Lady Tinbough’s Dilemma (Campbell & MacPherson Historical Mysteries 1)

    Ishbel is only interested in her studies. Ewan is only interested in Ishbel. They make the unlikeliest detectives imaginable. In Georgian era Edinburgh Ishbel Campbell attends university lectures, avoids balls and prefers the company of working class people to those of her own rank. It isn’t how society expects a young lady to behave. Ewan MacPherson attends balls, thinks about marriage and frequently visits his tailor. It’s exactly how society expects a gentleman to behave. A request from Ishbel’s cousin has this mismatched pair becoming partners to find a missing emerald necklace. Ishbel will do it to appease her cousin and Ewan is more than happy to spend time with Ishbel. With no clue how to solve crimes, they are close to giving up when they find out that a maid, suspected of the theft, is missing. In a time before the police force ever existed, no one but them cares about the fate of a lowly servant, so they are determined to find her, whatever the price. As the danger rises and jealousies and insecurities threaten their partnership, will they be able to solve the mystery in time or will the criminal’s deadly attentions turn on them? Fans of thrilling historical mysteries with a dash of romance, such as the novels of T E Kinsey and Rhys Bowen, will love this series. Read more