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    No Time Like Now!: A Quick Guide To Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information (Limited Version)

    Do you worry about your family scrambling to locate important documents in an emergency or life-changing event? Does your family know how to login to your online accounts? Would you like true peace of mind, knowing your estate and finances are in order? Get organized now with No Time Like Now, A Guide to Organizing Your Life’s Traditional and Digital Information blueprint for getting your affairs in order with estate and financial planning. The key is to make personal and financial arrangements before a crisis, or life-changing event occurs. NOTE: THIS IS A LIMITED VERSION OF THE BOOK – FOR THE FULL VERSION – VISIT CHAPTER 9 This helpful guide is geared for all ages –– from Millennials to Baby Boomers and older adults. You’ll find cutting-edge tips and useful document checklists. Plus, you get loads of valuable resources, including links to mobile apps, websites and online tools to help you successfully organize your affairs and prepare for life’s unexpected events. No Time Like Now includes critical information and valuable tips on: •Locating, reviewing, organizing and safeguarding household documents and inventory•Keeping digital and personal data safe from scammers•Prepping, managing and sharing digital information •Gathering health data for instant access in an emergency•Reducing tax time jitters by easily collecting and organizing paperwork throughout the year•Organizing records to minimize taxes, reduce asset loss and streamline money management tasks •Preparing for worry-free travel The comprehensive section on estate planning includes tips for: •preparing and/or updating your Advanced Directive Living will, durable power of attorney and Health Care Proxy•appointing someone you trust and who is competent to handle your final wishes when you’re gone•reviewing beneficiary designation on documents such as life insurance policies, IRAs, bank accounts and pension•choosing a guardian for minor children•writing and signing a Letter of Instructions for your loved ones•creating a list of digital assets in your will, including anything you create online or on your computer. An entire section is devoted to using the latest technology to stay organized, keep safe on the web and guard valuable data,: including tips for •going digital and paperless•securely backing up data•using encrypted passwords•storing valuable data in the cloud. •utilizing 2-step authentication for additional protection online