• Horror

    Garro: Heresy

    An age of peace. An ancient threat. A conspiracy to end it all. After 40 years of peace, the Republic has never been more prosperous. Garro attends a festival with other officials. When Garro survives an attack that kills thousands, Garro knows something darker is afoot.  Can Garro find the truth amongst the lies? Or will the galaxy burn in a new age?  If you love gripping, explosive, action packed sci-fi fantasy stories with epic characters. You will love this book! BUY NOW! The starting point of this thrilling, action packed fantasy and science fiction storyline is Garro: Heresy. The Garro Series: Garro: Heresy Garro: Faithless Garro: Destroyer of Worlds Garro: Mistress of Blood Garro: Beacon of Hope Garro: End of Days
  • Horror

    Winter’s Coming (Fantasy Trilogy Books Book 1)

    The fate of the world is in the hands of a broken warrior… All empires rise then they burn! But that never should have happened to my homeland: Insenguard; yet one night the Cult of Darkness came and burned my homeland, killed my brother, and slaughtered my Father, the Emperor. I was forced to flee and live in exile in two years. However, the Darkness is beginning to stir once more and this time it has set it sight on the world. I cannot let the world fall like my home did. So, it is up to me as Supreme Grand Master Abbigail Winter to travel the world once more, reunite the fractions of my Father’s Empire and take the fight to the Darkness before they take the world from the Light. But as I quickly learn it is an impossible task as everything from mercenaries, to infighting to traitors will try and stop me, and that’s before my family’s dark secrets and the Cult’s true motives are revealed. Whatever happens, I will need my strength; amidst my doubt; but I cannot allow the Cult of Darkness to continue their reign of terror… If you enjoy fantasy trilogy books with swords, sorcery, assassins, dragons, magic and more then this is the book for you as this fantasy book is filled with all your favourite fantasy tropes in one great fantasy adventure! BUY NOW TO EXPERIENCE THE FIRST BOOK IN THIS EPIC FANTASY TRILOGY.