• Children's

    Coal: Book One of the Everleaf Series

    Elves, Dragons, Shapeshifters, and Dwarves Everything looked bleak until… …the situation took a turn for the worse In the realm of the fey, humans are hated. And Coal is a human in love with his best friend who is about to become an elven queen. But Princess Chalcedony may not be as set on tradition as he thinks. Before Coal and Chalcedony can unravel their feelings for one another, their lives are changed forever, and both will have to make terrible choices. You’ll be hooked by a world of elves, dragons, dwarves, and fairies because everyone loves a good fantasy. Scroll up and one-click to begin your adventure!!!
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Giant Change: Confessions of a Giantess, Book One

    Tessa is a giant. Well, she’s almost a giant. Before she could reach the usual ten feet of most giants, a fey queen offered her a potion to stunt her growth. And it worked. Now she’s living her best life. Yes, she’s six and a half feet tall, but she’s passing as human, and she landed her dream job as a lawyer. Best of all, she’s dating her sexy new co-worker who doesn’t mind that she’s an inch taller than him, or that she’s a virgin (not that she plans on keeping that label for long). But all of her perfect plans for the future are thrown into jeopardy when the fey queen who controls her potion, forces her to defend a troll in a murder case who uses glamor to appear human. Now, she’ll have to carefully maneuver her way around a series of lies to keep her job, her secret, and her boyfriend. Don’t miss this exciting new chapter from the best selling Everleaf Series. Scroll up and order your copy today!