• Horror

    Vitality: a Dark Romance

    To Ava, love is about as real as fairytales. But it might be that fairytales, myths, and magic have some truth to them after all — as well as the monsters that lie in the shadows. Or she could just be completely out of her mind. After a mental breakdown and a move to a new town, everything changes when Ava clashes with a stranger with eyes as black as midnight and a terrifying sinister air. Her wishes to feel something again become granted. But Ava soon learns that not only is he cold as he is beautiful, but he brings something out of her, stronger than ever, like fuel to fire — something she’s desperate to bury. He haunts her dreams and waking life, and staying away becomes harder than she could have ever imagined, risking her life, her humanity, and the people that she cares about. Not to mention the fate of the world. — Layton wants her, and he means to take her. But when she turns out to be more than he could have ever imagined, can he compromise his legacy, the only thing that has made sense to him for centuries, in order to keep her? The game is on, and he’s too clever to lose. The further he goes to possess her, the more he loses possession of himself. — She’s fighting for life. He’s fighting for death. What does it take to live? What does it take to love? “My heart was thumping, goosebumps were forming…” – Meghan ★★★★★ “Crysta Levere’s writing style is so vivid that you will be lost in the story for a few hours.” – Rabia Tanveer ★★★★★ . ** Contains explicit sex scenes and some violence.Tropes & Genre:* This is a Light vs Dark Villain romance; A Dark Forbidden Romance; An Instalove Possessive Romance; Dark Fantasy* Mind Bending* Shadow Male* Steam level very high* Obsession + Heartbreak around the corner* CRAZY IN LOVE — %100 Read more