• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Under the Sea: A Short Story Anthology, Vol. 1 (Summertime Myths and Magic)

    Strange things happen when the temps begin to rise . . . People act differently. They tell peculiar stories, report bizarre sightings, and make puzzling claims. They say magic stirs beneath the surface, and nothing casts stronger spells than the summer heat. Accounts of seafaring ghouls, ancient merfolk, and lake dwelling creatures run rampant. If the stories are true, who will survive to tell the tale? The only way to find out is to dive in. Full of entrancing urban legends, mystery, and madness, Under the Sea is the first installment of a new annual anthology series for lovers of fantasy and folklore. If you like supernatural suspense, gothic fairy tales, or old-school R.L. Stine, these short stories will keep you up reading past your bedtime! Buy it now! Take the plunge, but hurry and catch your breath—these urban legends will latch on and pull you under. Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Through the Woods (Short Story Collection, Volume One): Whimsical Worlds, Chilling Thrills, and Magical Tales

    What happens when mortals and monsters collide? Ten supernatural tales of folklore, magic, and mayhem! It’s tough being misunderstood. Humans don’t always get us. They usually label us the villains. It’s hard for them to grasp what it’s like to be a mischievous fairy, condemned witch, lonely sea creature, or delusional serial killer. They can’t see that we’re actually here to help them. Sometimes, we don’t even want to bother with them at all. But they come looking for us, so are we really to blame for their demise? Someday, they will see the truth. Until then, we’ll continue to enlighten them anytime they choose to wander through the woods. Full of spellbinding tales, whimsical adventures, and spine-chilling thrills, Through the Woods is the first installment of a new biannual anthology series for lovers of fantasy, folklore, and horror. Take your first step and discover what’s lurking in the forest, where terror, mystery, and surprises await …