• Children's

    The Elyrian: A Fantasy Book for Kids Ages 9-12 (The Emerson Chronicles 1)

    Like everyone else, Ace believed witches were nothing more than a bedtime story myth . . . On a family vacation in a strange new land, Grandpa pulls Ace aside and tells him a startling truth. Not only are witches are real, they’re taking over the world, and Ace is the only one who can stop them. Ace is the chosen keeper of a mythical gem housing an incredible, ancient power that makes the darkness tremble—unfortunately, that also makes him and his family the witches’ biggest target. Then, after passing the gem down to him, Grandpa mysteriously disappears, leaving Ace to fend for himself. To learn this new power, Ace must now escape the witches chasing him and his family, venture through treacherous lands filled with strange creatures to the headquarters of his grandfather’s underground rebellion, and somehow convince a group of elite warriors that he—a twelve-year-old boy and his grandfather’s youngest descendant—must assume leadership. Can twelve-year-old Ace save the world and protect this family? Join Ace in this magic-filled epic fantasy adventure. A spirited tale akin to the Chornicles of Narnia, The Elyrian is layered with themes of faith, courage, and forgiveness, that children will enjoy and families can read together.