• Young Adult

    The King, the Thief, and the Dragon: a Coming of Age Standalone Epic Fantasy Novel

    A powerful king in hiding, a thief who knows his secret, and a ruthless dragon threatens mankind’s extinction. Will a ragtag band of scum and royalty come together to save their kingdom? At age sixteen, Caethes has mastered the art of thieving to survive, but his crew does it for pleasure, and once you’re in, there’s no way out—until Caethes steals a scroll that could reveal the identity of the mysterious Hidden King. While plotting his unveiling of the scroll for riches beyond his wildest dreams, an army of dragons lays waste to his homeland, beginning a war for the fate of mankind. Only the Hidden King can defeat the dragons, but he needs the secret power revealed in the contents of the scroll. To save his loved ones, Caethes must forsake the oath of thieves and get the scroll to the king . . . but his loved ones are the very thieves who made him. Will Caethes join forces with a king and risk losing his family? Rich in themes of courage and faith, and brimming with vibrant, otherworldly magic, D.P. Rowell’s The King, the Thief, and the Dragon invites you on an adventurous quest of magical proportions. Follow Caethes through perilous trials as he discovers the hero within in this coming of age, epic fantasy adventure. A Vranon Lore Novel Vranon is a world of epic tales, unlikely heroes, and magic behind every corner. Though all the books in the series are connected in an overall narrative, each Vranon Lore story acts as one of many standalone fantasy books, packing a Lord of the Rings adventure-quest epic into one volume, and deepening the lore with each story. Read more
  • Young Adult

    The Queen of the Milds: A Coming Of Age Stand Alone Fantasy Epic (Vranon Lore)

    An ancient enemy. An encroaching doom. When a young royal manifests mysterious powers, can she brave the wilds to save her people? Princess Angel strives to do what’s best for her citizens. But when she learns a great menace has escaped the abyss, she struggles in vain to convince her parents of the looming peril. Discovering she has powerful magic uncontrollably coursing through her veins, she searches for a way to escape her overprotective mother and risk everything to rescue the realm. Finally able to pursue her quest, Angel swallows her fears and sets out to find the supernatural beings she’s convinced can help humanity. But as she grapples with her erratic magical gift to defend herself from bloodthirsty assassins, she’s terrified her path through a forest infested by giants could lead to certain death. Can Angel recruit loyal allies and thwart the evil snapping at her heels? The Queen of the Milds is the nail-biting first book in the Vranon Lore YA epic fantasy series. If you like big-hearted heroines, ruthless villains, and daring adventure, then you’ll love D.P. Rowell’s coming-of-age tale. Buy The Queen of the Milds to meet a triumphant destiny today! Read more
  • Children's

    The Elyrian: a Fantasy Book for Kids Ages 9-12

    Like everyone else, Ace believed witches were nothing more than a bedtime story myth . . . On a family vacation in a strange new land, Grandpa pulls Ace aside and tells him a startling truth. Not only are witches are real, they’re taking over the world, and Ace is the only one who can stop them. Ace is the chosen keeper of a mythical gem housing an incredible, ancient power that makes the darkness tremble—unfortunately, that also makes him and his family the witches’ biggest target. Then, after passing the gem down to him, Grandpa mysteriously disappears, leaving Ace to fend for himself. To learn this new power, Ace must now escape the witches chasing him and his family, venture through treacherous lands filled with strange creatures to the headquarters of his grandfather’s underground rebellion, and somehow convince a group of elite warriors that he—a twelve-year-old boy and his grandfather’s youngest descendant—must assume leadership. Can twelve-year-old Ace save the world and protect this family? Join Ace in this magic-filled epic fantasy adventure. A spirited tale akin to the Chornicles of Narnia, The Elyrian is layered with themes of faith, courage, and forgiveness, that children will enjoy and families can read together.