• Children's

    Going to the Zoo

    This book takes you on a mini adventure where the main character visits a zoo for the first time. Our character takes us to see different animals like: lions, hippos, zebras, and more! You might see elephants with trunks bigger than you imagined. Let your child’s imagination run wild as our character imagines how silly it would be for a rhino to wear clothes, or a flamingo as a pirate on a peg leg. Each furry friend featured in this book will leave your child begging to visit the zoo. Read more
  • Children's

    A day at the Playground

    This book explores the adventure of taking your child to a playground. We get to explore different areas of the playsets and meet our new friend, Mia. She joins the main character in a trip to the park with Mommy. They learn how to play together and enjoy their time on the sets. This book is great for teaching children about building friendships and allowing children to explore new play areas. And at the end, we learn another important lesson: leaving from a great day is always hard, but we remember Mommy could always bring us back to play. Read more