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    Why I Believe the Bible: Reasonable Affirmation That Everything in the Bible Is True [updated and Annotated]

    All scripture is given by inspiration of God –2 Timothy 3:16 The world has been hunting during all these centuries for something better than the Bible and has not yet discovered it. And the thing that has been, will continue to be. Dreamers will still dream on; undevout thinkers will pursue their hopeless quest; kings and potentates will continue their search for a new and better religion as they have done by the light of Smithfield fires and the burning of heretics. But thoughtful and reverent men and women will go on loving their Bibles. The troubled will run for comfort to this shelter as to the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. Sinners will search the Scriptures for a clear hope of salvation and find it under the cross. For there is no weapon in the arsenal of unbelief that can prevail against the “Yea” and “Amen” of the living God. List of Chapters The Antecedent Presumption The Claim: Is It Verified? An Unaccountable Unity Its Completeness Its Sufficiency Its Literary Value Its Up-to-Dateness Its Tone of Authority Its Trustworthiness Its Influence on Personal Life Its Influence on National Life Its Place in the Forefront of Events It Is Christ’s Book Excursus: A Hypothetical Story It Is the Church’s Book It Is Everybody’s Book Its System of Doctrine Its Moral Code Its Plan of Salvation Its Enemies Its Indestructibility Read more