• Horror

    The Great and Terrible

    Dracula travels to another realm to engage in a fatal duel with the Wizard of Oz. Horror author David Kempf spins a new point of view on Bram Stoker and L. Frank Baum’s classic characters. With an introduction by Chris McAuley. Read more
  • Horror

    Damned Fiction

    For millennia, humanity has feared the Devil. But in modern times, scholars have questioned his very existence, sometimes dismissing him as a mere symptom of various mental conditions. In DAMNED FICTION, you will discover that the Devil is, in fact, very real – and he has returned to our mortal realm with a nightmare agenda. The Devil has come to a prestigious university to find someone worthy to write his biography. For Dr. Henry David Wells, this opportunity presents the challenge and chance of a lifetime. Together with his students Christopher and Sarah, he embarks on a bold journey into the very heart of eternal darkness. Dr. Wells soon comes to learn that his cherished project could take the entire world down an unspeakable path. From Day One, Satan has been a competitive creature, and he will stop at nothing to make sure that his life story becomes the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon. Can Dr. Wells allow his book to open the gates of Hell, unleashing the boundless forces of evil upon the world?