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    Doug & Stan – The Grizzly Hotel: Open House 1 (Metropolis Series)

    Imagine if a big, brown grizzly bear fell from a broomstick and LANDED IN YOUR GARDEN! Unfortunately, for Doug and Stan, this is very real problem for them and at exactly the wrong time too! (Actually, is there ever a RIGHT time for a bear to be in the garden?) No, probably not. Especially when people have just turned up to take a look at Stan’s house. The house he desperately wants to sell! Never fear. Doug (the humble slug) is ready to take on the bear all by himself. He kind of has no choice because Stan is unable to help. Not only does he feel embarrassed by his dodgy, new hair style but he has also been mesmerized by some kind of magic spell. A spell cast by the mysterious next-door neighbour – Dotty. Why is Dotty so determined to scare the Buyers away and will Doug survive this comical, yet nerve-racking adventure? Doug & Stan – The Grizzly Hotel is the debut book by David Richardson and the first installment in his series of funny, short stories told through rhyme. Fans of Dr Seuss will love this creatively written and funny story about the battle between squabbling neighbours. With broad appeal for children and adults alike and an interwoven message of courage, The Grizzly Hotel provides an opportunity for all primary school children to develop vocabulary and increase their confidence. Pick up your copy of Open House 1 today. Read more