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    The Ultimate Interactive Trivia Book for Kids Questions & Answers Quizzes: Mind-Blowing Facts Perfect for Time Away from the Screen (Trivia Books Perfect for Family Game Night or Trivia Night 1)

    TURN YOUR KINDLE INTO AN INTERACTIVE GAME: Prepare your family for laughter, fun, and learning with this age-appropriate, and interactive trivia e-book! Do you want a fun way to get the whole family participating in an educational activity? Are you looking for an enjoyable and interactive gift idea that is both educational and encourages learning and social skills? Are you tired of text-heavy trivia books that keep regurgitating common facts? Whatever your motivations are, you’re in good hands! With numerous mind-blowing facts, this activity book is sure to give every single member of your family a grand time! When trivia buff David W. Leon noticed that all the trivia books he’s been buying don’t really offer more information about a topic or anything new in general, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He wanted to make an interactive activity book where he can encourage even his kids to fully immerse themselves in some much-deserved, fun family time while making sure their minds are challenged and engaged. Today, he presents The Ultimate Interactive Trivia Book for Kids: Interactive Questions & Answers Quizzes to his readers, both old and new! Unlike most trivia books that are borderline boring and — at times — overwhelming for young readers, his activity book strikes the perfect balance so that kids as young as 8 and adults, who are young at heart, are guaranteed to have the time of their lives! Here’s what you’ll get: An interactive game: Click the multiple choice options to see if you know the correct answer or if you’ll strike out and get to try again Mind-blowing facts and engaging graphics: Multiple players can come together to have some healthy, interactive competition and find out who knows the most Kid-friendly and inclusive for all player levels: Filled with multiple choice questions that become increasingly difficult, both beginners and advanced learners will never get bored or overwhelmed as they compete to win by keeping track of points accumulated in each round Easy-to-find answers: If you choose not to use the e-book as an interactive game, you’ll find the answer keys on the following page behind the respective questions so readers don’t have to waste time flipping back-and-forth in the book The most unique and interesting facts from around the world: You’ll rarely find any commonly regurgitated facts here! This activity book is perfect for keeping everyone on their toes without overwhelming them More information than other books: The learning never ends! This trivia book provides a quick explanation of the events for further learning, if the players want to learn more Age-appropriate for smart kids: Heavily reviewed to ensure each trivia is appropriate for children of all ages, parents can sit back and enjoy the games without worrying about their kids learning about things they’re not ready for And so much more! You will never see a more well-thought-out trivia book than The Ultimate Interactive Trivia Book for Kids! If you’re ready to deep dive into funny facts, brain teasers, and tons of family fun, then don’t wait a second longer! Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now with 1-Click”, and Grab a Copy Today! Read more