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    Officiating Weddings: Start a Profitable Business Marrying Couples

    Bestselling Author, Dayna (Reid) Mason, walks you through all the steps needed to establish yourself as a reputable, well paid, and in-demand Officiant. Key information in this book includes: Guidance on how to establish your business Ideas for advertising your services Advice on pricing your services and getting paid Guidance for meeting with your clients Instructions for conducting the rehearsal Guidance on how to officiate the wedding ceremony Steps to becoming ordained Clear information on offering pre-marital counseling Ideas for following up with couples after the ceremony “Essential! Extremely well-written, clear and to the point. For those that don’t want to waste any time, whether you seek other guidance or not, reading this is essential. If you’re at all considering officiating weddings, reading this is a must! It’s written conversationally and, therefore, feels like you’re chatting with a great, caring mentor.” -Abundance Direct, Amazon customer “I am an ordained chaplain and it gave me some new modern ideas.” – Sandra Boelter, Amazon customer “Must read! This was exactly what I NEEDED. IT IS VERY INFORMATIVE! It even offered information on how to obtain the marriage counseling training. WOW JUST AWESOME!” – Katia M, Amazon customer Read more