• Romance

    Almost a Family: A Second Chance Contemporary Romance (Second Chances Book 1)

    What do you do when the boy next door is the only man you’ve ever loved? Six years ago Jason had life all mapped out. He and Molly would get married, start a family, and he’d open a veterinary practice. But Molly bolted, leaving him with a broken heart and an unwanted engagement ring. Six years have passed since Molly made the difficult choice to follow her dreams. Now, thanks to a family emergency, she’s come home only to discover her college sweetheart living next door. And he’s as irresistible as ever. Old sparks reignite, and it isn’t long before the two are lovers again. He still holds her heart, but Molly has a life to return to and commitments to honor. Can Jason convince her to give them another chance? Or will she break his heart a second time? Read more