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    Corpses Say The Darndest Things (Nod Blake Mysteries Book 1)

    It was a simple job: keep an eye on the minister’s wife until she goes safely to bed. Then all hell broke loose. The death of a beloved Chicago televangelist’s wife is only the beginning; someone is homiciding their way through the Temple of Majesty Church. Private eye Nod Blake – an aging throwback to an era of detecting on the mean streets – has been dumped in the middle of it all, on his head. The resulting injuries seem to have opened a door to the hereafter: Blake believes dead people are talking to him. But are the victims really begging the gumshoe for help from the other side of the grave? When his nemesis, Detective Lieutenant Wenders, finds evidence that Blake is the murderer, the private dick’s life becomes a great big soup sandwich. Doug Lamoreux’s ‘Corpses Say the Darndest Things’ is a riveting murder mystery with a sly sense of humor, set in 1979 Chicago where a maniacal killer on the loose in The Windy City… is the good news. Read more