• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Quantum Incident (Quantum Series Book 0)

    Prologue to the Quantum Series (1 Quantum Space, 2 Quantum Void and 3 Quantum Time) ​The long sought Higgs boson has been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. Scientists rejoice in the confirmation of quantum theory, but a reporter attending the press conference believes they may be hiding something.​ ​​Nala Pasquier is a particle physicist at Fermi National Laboratory in Illinois. Building on the 2012 discovery, she has produced a working prototype with capabilities that are nothing less than astonishing. Daniel Rice is a government science investigator with a knack for uncovering the details that others miss. But when he’s assigned to investigate a UFO over Nevada, he’ll need more than scientific skills, he’ll need every bit of patience he can muster. If you liked the authenticity of The Martian, the page-turning pace of Da Vinci Code, and the inspirational world view of Arthur C. Clarke, you’ll love the Quantum Series.