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    Illustrated Would You Rather?: Jokes and Game Book for Children Age 5-11

    Would you rather get a hilarious gift for a kid or read fifty more silly book descriptions before you get back to this book? 🙂 Do you want to swim faster than a shark; learn how to speak in the voice of any person; have a magical giant flying dragon; create an odd superhero—Broccoliman? As kids choose WOULD YOU RATHER crazy scenarios, they’re sure to get the giggles! Moreover, every silly joke in this book is hilariously illustrated! Many children also enjoy coming up with their own variations of these scenarios. This helps them to develop creativity, reasoning skills, and a sense of humor. In addition, the second part of the book contains YES or NO crazy questions game. These questions are extremely funny and are related to scenarios from the first part of the book. The answers are often unexpected even for parents, grandparents, teachers, and elder siblings. Therefore, the whole family, church, or class will enjoy playing this quiz game. In the end, you’ll find references that will help you to learn more fun stuff about weird and silly situations mentioned in this book. Examples: WOULD YOU RATHER play bowling with a watermelon or play tennis with a balloon? WOULD YOU RATHER wear disposable rubber gloves instead of insulated gloves on a very cold winter day or wear a laundry basket on your head instead of a cap on a hot summer day? WOULD YOU RATHER have a real magical flying carpet that can actually transport you anywhere or have a real magic 8 ball that can actually predict the future? WOULD YOU RATHER get a birthday cake prepared by a five-year-old baker or get a haircut from a five-year-old hairdresser? et cetera… This book is pure fun, a corny bathroom reader, and a great gift for a birthday party, holiday, and even without occasion. It’s also an awesome read for a waiting room, airport, plane, train, car ride, and so on. Click “Buy now” and laugh out loud!