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    The Blonde with the Dangerous ‘Do: Book #3 in the Grifter’s Daughter Series (Grifter’s Daughter)

    REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED BLONDE… Supremely likeable but untrustworthy con artist Dani Silver, fresh off an intense scam, decides on a whim to buy herself a saucy disguise and take a little vacay—a curly blonde wig and a gorgeous red dress. Not exactly inconspicuous, but Dani’s in the mood to kick up her heels. When almost immediately, she meets a debonair and wealthy man, intrigued, she accepts his invitation to spend a few days at his mansion. But once there, she senses something off about him. Could he even be a fellow criminal? So she snoops. And gets caught by the handsome suitor’s live-in brother. Wrong place, wrong time– this pair has secrets they’ll kill to protect. The handsome suitor enlists his brother to brutalize Dani, dump her in a storm drain, and leave her for dead. But of course she’s not dead. Next step—revenge! She gets her ex-fiance to bankroll the operation, and quickly assembles her specially tailored team of con artists. With these ragtag crooks in tow, Dani devises a deliciously elaborate plan to seek revenge upon her would-be murderers. You can tell author Lindsay studied at the feet of the masters— sometimes it seems as if he’s actually channeling Donald Westlake. Or maybe Lawrence Block. Fans of of heist books and movies too (shoutout for Ocean’s 11 movies!) will love Dani’s wry humor, shady dealings, and clever, clever cons. Read more
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    The Grifter’s Daughter Volumes 4-6

    FOR THE GRIFTER’S DAUGHTER, NOT WANTING TO SCAM SOMEBODY IS NEW. SHE’LL GET OVER IT. Notorious but lovable con artist Dani Silver—giving in to pressure from her clean-living sweetie—has taken a vow never to cheat an honest mark. Still… these three gripping thrillers demonstrate that there’s no shortage of dishonest marks out there, and when her favorite brother’s life is at stake, Dani at her most devious goes after the responsible parties with hellfire. Author Duane Lindsay’s wit and endlessly devious imagination, complete with his trademark twists and turns keep the reader on a rollercoaster of danger and hilarity. This delectable three-volume set will delight fans of Donald Westlake, Laurence Block, Leverage, Good Girls, and all Ocean’s Eleven movies. The Truth Lies (Book 4)After seeing something he shouldn’t have, Dani’s favorite brother, everybody’s favorite person and that rare thing, an honest man, has been framed as a drug dealer, given a life sentence, and tossed into solitary confinement to force him into turning over the proof of the crime he witnessed. Dani assembles her team to bust him out of jail, clear his name, and somehow make a little cash – because jailbreaks don’t come cheap. High Spirits (Book 5)Dani gets a tip about a million-dollar bottle of whiskey whose ownership is…complicated. It has been appropriated from the original collectors, who would pay a handsome ransom—if not full price—to get it back. At the cost of a mere $20,000, Dani hires the finest criminal artists money can buy, counterfeits the distinctive bottle, and fills it with supermarket booze, knowing it’ll never be opened. There’s only one wrinkle—the original collectors are “America’s sweethearts”, so Dani’ll just have to dig up all their dirty little secrets to qualify them for the scam. Scavenger Hunt (Book 6)Dani’s vow never to scam an honest person is put to its most stringent test when the mark and his lovely fiancée turn out to be just so young, vulnerable, and downright sweet that the whole gang balks at scamming them. So how are they supposed to turn a profit on this one?It seems hopeless until author Lindsay works his comic magic, serving up another rollicking comeuppance for a bad guy who really needs ruining. Read more