Rise of Doctor Frownyface

    A summer of sex, drugs, and partying by a group of horny young friends ends before it begins when a mad scientist blackmails a perverted mayor while using a biker gang to addict a small town to zombifying drugs, before unleashing a super-virus that causes people to puke themselves to death in order to sell masks and hand sanitizers. Follow Molly, the mayor’s step-daughter, and Holtie, the bad boy from the good side of town, as they fall in love, battle a mad scientist, DOCTOR FROWNYFACE, and try to rescue the world from his sinister clutches. Mad Scientist? He isn’t mad. He’s just mildly disappointed. And did I mention the sex scenes so steamy they’ll melt your Kindle? Like Fifty Shades meets Forbidden Planet. Who knew such juvenile humor could be so adult? This lyrical satire of a pulp novelization of a B-movie is presented in Read-O-Vision! Now, put on your 3D glasses and enjoy RISE OF DOCTOR FROWNYFACE! WARNING: SEX! DRUGS! VIOLENCE! FORCED ABORTIONS! BIKER GANGS! A DEADLY SUPER-VIRUS! TRANSVESTITE PROSTITUTES! SPACE ROBBERY! RIVER SHARKS! TOTAL NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION! ADULT CONTENT! 18+ ONLY! Read more