Young Adult

    Fae of Light and Shadow: Sweet Paranormal Fantasy Romance Prequel

    She’s determined to break the rules so her sister can get married. However, she doesn’t expect to find a true love of her own. The only problem is he’s a vampire… Aina’s grandmother is old-school fae and pressuring her to get married. But it’s to the wrong guy—the one her sister loves. She travels to Raven’s Landing to meet with the elders to find a loophole. There, she unexpectedly spends an amazing day with a fun and handsome stranger. Nick ditches the royal summit to go incognito and be normal just for a day. He meets a lovely and enchanting fae and doesn’t want their time together to end when she inevitably discovers his identity. Unfortunately, the king’s brother harasses them both and reveals the truth. But nothing can come between their growing relationship: not a jerky prince, outdated magical customs, fire frogs, grandmothers, or the fact that vampires and fae aren’t supposed to be together. However, they didn’t know their love story would lead to war. This is the prequel story to the Court of Crown and Compass series. It’s fantasy romance that’s chock full of mystery, danger, romance, and sizzling kisses.