• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Risky Relics (Rose Hollow Mysteries Book 1)

    Becky Olson’s life changed when she got a letter from her Aunt Pauline. The strange thing is that Pauline had been gone for years, simply disappearing from the face of the earth. Then one day, Becky received a letter via her aunt’s lawyer, telling her she’d inherited an antique shop. She wasn’t a very impulsive person, but Becky took up the offer, packed up her life and moved to Rose Hollow. Rose Hollow was a tiny town in Maine, wildly wealthy and full of strange residents: there was always something going on. An uncomfortable chill runs just below the surface, belying a community that plays for keeps but plays it closer to the chest. The residents are nice, but nosy and Becky feels sort of out of place after she moves in and re-opens the store that that been closed for years. Then, after one late night, a dead body turns up in Becky’s store, and it is up to her to find out who did it or risk losing her store and the new life she’s just begun! This Cozy Mystery Novel is packed with quirky characters, rousing romps and a whodunnit that wraps up cleanly. No cliffhangers, no curse words and no obscenity.