• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Blackson’s Revenge: the Poltergeist Files – Book I

    They trained him to be a soldier. They forced him to be a vigilante. He becomes their nightmare. Adlai Blackson is a patriot. As a United States Marine, he serves out of a sense of duty and honor to his father, killed in action when he was seven years old. That day changed his life and shaped him to be the man he is today. To him, family and friends are paramount. It has been his life’s mission to protect them and his country. For over fifteen years, he’s built an impressive reputation as a preternatural hand-to-hand combatant and uncanny reconnaissance and infiltration expert. The government took notice, recruiting him to be a leader in the black ops team known only to those involved as Detachment M. All because he’s kept something hidden since he was seven years old. The paranormal ability to turn invisible for 40 seconds. Now, Adlai’s life is about to change again. The unfolding of a revelation shakes him to the core of his soul, igniting a series of lethal events that force him to choose whether to be the good soldier, the good son, or… something else. Blackson’s Revenge is a story of how a soldier is pulled into an arena of lies, betrayal, and murder. It’s about how one man struggles with his worst enemy: his own heart. What readers are saying about Blackson’s Revenge: • A really compelling story that absolutely had me biting my nails! • Excellent! • Riveting and intense. • I was mesmerised by the plot and protagonist… • Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Buy your copy of Blackson’s Revenge today, the gritty action drama with a sci-fi twist. Book 1 in Easton Livingston’s Poltergeist Files. If you’re a fan of Marvel’s Daredevil and The Punisher, or the movie John Wick, you need to get this book now. Everyone has a breaking point. Sometimes, the consequences are a killer.