• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Bronze Dragon: Riders of Fire Dragons, Prequel Book 1

    A prequel novelette in the Rider of Fire Series A life-changing hunting trip. Strange beasts in the forest. A dangerous hunt for a missing sister and mother. And a mysterious bronze dragon. A routine hunting trip turns into a nightmare when Hans discovers a dead dragon rider, and strange beasts in the forest. Then his family goes missing. He must track the dangerous beasts to find his mother and sister, but everything goes go wrong. There’s only one hope left. A hope that could save his family and give him a new destiny. Dare Hans dream of the impossible? And what must he sacrifice to save his kin? Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern and Christopher Paolini’s The Inheritance Cycle enjoy Riders of Fire. If you love epic coming-of-age fantasy, heart-pounding adventure and dragons, Bronze Dragon and the Riders of Fire series are for you. Start your adventure now! Scroll up and click to read today! Riders of Fire – YA epic fantasy adventure:Book 1: EzaaraBook 2: Dragon HeroBook 3: Dragon RiftBook 4: Dragon StrikeBook 5: Dragon WarBook 6: Sea Dragon Riders of Fire Dragon Masters – YA epic fantasy adventure:Book 1: Anakisha’s DragonBook 2: Dragon MageBook 3: Dragon SpyBook 4: Dragon Healer Riders of Fire Dragons – Prequels1. Bronze Dragon (free novelette)2. Ruby Dragon (short story)3. Silver Dragon – free novelette only at EileenMuellerAuthor.com Read more
  • Children's

    Fangtastic Dragon Jokes: Best Kids Jokes

    Dragon puns, jokes & riddles. Yo’ dragon jokes, dragons in love, hungry dragons, fiery dragons, dragons in battle and more. Roll your eyes, groan or burst out laughing. Some of these jokes are so bad, they’re good. And others are so good, they’re bad! Whatever your taste, there will be something in Fangtastic Dragon Jokes for you, including bonus excerpts from other cool dragon books and a link to a free kids’ dragon book. So saddle your dragon up and fly through the pages, chuckling as you go.Why are dragons good storytellers? Because they have long tails.    What did the polite dragon say? Fang you very much.    What you give a seasick dragon? A very large fireproof bag.    What’s the difference between a car and a dragon? A car only has one horn.    Yo’ dragon so fat, he’s too heavy for his scales! What do you call a dragon in the city? Lost. Read on for hilarious dragon-filled fun. Did you know jokes are educational & good for you? Jokes use language features, such as puns and riddles, to stimulate children’s imaginations. Laughter makes you feel good and releases endorphins, leaving our muscles relaxed and lowering stress. And the good feeling remains with you even when your laughter stops. Add some ridiculous dragon humor to your life with Fangtastic Dragon Jokes. Read more
  • Young Adult

    Anakisha’s Dragon: Riders of Fire Dragon Masters, Book One – a Dragons’ Realm Young Adult Epic Fantasy Adventure

    Anakisha’s plans do not include a dragon. When her brother is murdered by a street gang, Anakisha joins the Night Wings, a local vigilante gang, taking to the streets to avenge him. One night, the King’s Rider discovers her unconscious in an alley. Then the dragon queen comes calling. And a pirate crisis calls Anakisha into action. Will’s an opportunist, combing the Naobian market to feed his starving sister. Luck goes his way, until a fateful game in a dodgy tavern. He and his best friend wake on a ship, desperate, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates, and armed only with Will’s gift of the gab. But even Will can’t talk his way out of this one… If you love epic dragons, swashbuckling pirates, danger & romance, soar with Anakisha’s Dragon today! More adventure awaits! Riders of Fire Dragon Masters – YA epic dragon fantasy, prequels to Riders of Fire:Book 1: Anakisha’s DragonBook 2: Dragon MageBook 3 : Dragon PirateBook 4: Master MageBook 5: Dragon CaptainBook 6: Dragon SpyBook 7: Dragon HealerBook 8: Dragon RiderBook 9: Dragon Master Riders of Fire – award-winning & bestselling YA epic dragon fantasy adventures:Book 1: EzaaraBook 2: Dragon HeroBook 3: Dragon RiftBook 4: Dragon StrikeBook 5: Dragon WarBook 6: Sea Dragon Riders of Fire Dragons – Prequels:1. Bronze Dragon (free novelette)2. Ruby Dragon (short story)3. Silver Dragon – free novelette, only at EileenMuellerAuthor.com Middle-grade dragon novels on Amazon:Dragons’ RealmAttack on Dragons’ Realm If you enjoyed Riders of Fire, Dragon School, Dragon’s Reach, Eragon or Dragonriders of Pern, try Anakisha’s Dragon, book 1 in the new Riders of Fire Dragon Masters series. Read more
  • Young Adult

    Draki Twins: a Dragon Shifters’ Hoard Short Story – a Paranormal Urban Fantasy

    Dragon shifters, mages and the threat of deadly Fae. Zephyr and Dante Draki are dragon shifters. Their secret must never be divulged. But when they’re out training a reckless young ice draki, they’re attacked by a mage with a vendetta, who bursts out of the forest on a Harley Davidson, shooting fireballs. It’s only a distraction from what’s really going on. The game is about to get deadly as their life goes up in flames. Draki Twins is the prequel to the heart-pounding adventures in the Dragon Shifters’ Hoard young adult paranormal urban fantasy series. This short story is a prelude to the sizzling attraction in the main series. If you love danger, magic, urban fantasy and dragon shifters, grab your your copy today. Read more
  • Horror

    From the Shadows: Villainous Tales of Dark Lords, Despots, and Devils

    I thought I would be the hero. Instead, I became the villain.  They curse me, call me ruthless, insane, unhinged… a monster.  But is life so black and white? What if they took the time to understand my motivations? Would they still condemn me if they recognized the same monster lurking inside themselves? There’s a villain inside us all. Unhinge yourself from reality and walk with me into the darkness.  If you dare…  From the Shadows is an anthology of twenty-one villainous stories brought to you by the authors of Indie Fantasy Addicts.