• Paranormal

    Saved by My Alpha:

    Olivia spends her days immersed in stories of love and happily-ever-afters, but unlike the heroes and heroines she reads about for the publishing company she works for, Olivia isn’t quite as lucky in love. When she unknowingly stumbles upon a fight between a pair of wolves one night after work, her life is sent into a tailspin that will not only pull at her heartstrings, but will leave her vulnerable to a wolf with a grudge and another bent on keeping her safe by any means necessary. Olivia’s chance encounter blurs the lines between shifters, rival wolf packs, and a chance at real love.
  • Paranormal

    His Unbearable Desire:

    Curvaceous beauty Ana Stone seems to have it all. Owner of a successful online retail store, the Trinity Falls native is now ready for bigger and better things, but Colton and his cousin, Glenn, weren’t what she had in mind. Colton is everything she shouldn’t want. The moody, bad boy billionaire has trouble written all over his tightly sculpted physique, but that doesn’t prevent Ana from wanting him. His cousin, Glenn, couldn’t be more opposite, but still equally captivating in his well-tailored suits that hug him in all the right places. When both men begin vying for her attention, Ana is hard-pressed to choose between the two. One is a heart breaking playboy. The other is potentially her ideal mate. As her desire runs deeper, so does her feelings of angst over which to choose. How will Ana choose between the sultry bad boy and the equally sexy cousin she can’t get enough of? Find out in part one of His Unbearable Desires Serial! Intended for mature audiences. 18+ Cliffhanger.