• Children's

    Starlit Realms: A Fantasy Anthology

    Ten unforgettable stories of mystery and adventure from ten fantasy writers are woven together by the great Storyteller’s own eternal magic.The mysterious Logunder Library houses no ordinary books, but those created from trees from the Enchanted Forest in a bid to save itself.A young princess must choose a husband from four unlikely and undesirable suitors. A girl’s father goes off to battle dragons in an alternate war and she undergoes dangers to find him.A shape-shifting queen risks her life for a family condemned by age-old prejudice.One young slave girl risks her life for the sake of reading sacred texts. The final day of one of the waterfolk is celebrated with songs and music as she wanders back into the sea.A magic boot takes a young couple for the ride of their lives.A poor girl deceives the royal family to snag a husband, but it is not as easy as she thinks.A biological lab covers up the truth about its research and sends two science students into danger.On the summer solstice at Willow Woods Peak, animals may speak and a cat enlists the help of a human to unravel a secret. Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Firelight of Heaven (Bethloria Series Book 1)

    When an assassin infiltrates a secret meeting and people are killed, brothers Robbie and Dougray are plunged into a fast-paced journey of discovery. Their quest leads them to the other side of the Black Mountain, forbidden territory, where an Elf girl named Belle Song rescues them from Trolls and accompanies them. The future of their quest becomes doubtful when an enormous spider called Queen Shara captures Robbie. After a frightening battle, they manage to defeat the spider and rescue him from her lair. Through their mutual hardships, Dougray and Belle discover they have a common destiny, one that involves searching for seven lost crystals that will heal Bethloria.